Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Ancient Sea Scroll

Our firm developed the following site and I wanted to introduce you all to a cool web site effect!

Check out the site here!

This site was developed for a local restaurant with a cool, eclectic vibe, therefore we found it fitting to explore the horizontal scroll. The entire sit sits on one page and uses javascript to navigate the site content. It changes the way people usually navigate sites and therefor is memorable. It produces a unique online presence for a place with a unique physical one.

When you select the menu items to the left, you are taken to a certain place on the site’s “one page.” I personally like sites that strive to provide a unique site user experience. Although there are many sites out there that continue to push the proverbial bar and play with our senses, I just wanted to bring up this site as it resonates in my headspace as something that “works.”

What do you think?


Anne said...

Lauren --

The website is really quite nice. The photography is beautiful, which I think is so important in a visual medium like the web.

Located... said...

Thanks! I actually shot the photography, so thanks for the compliment!