Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Second Greatest Day in the History of the World

It's here! It's here! It's freakin' finally here!

So was everyone excited about the new iPhone? Was Friday, July 11, 2008 the second most triumphant day in history (following of course only the launch of the original iPhone)?

Personally, I was baffled to learn that people were lined up days before in cities like New York. Really? Were vacation days taken, tents bought, and babysitters hired for a phone? I was watching the Soup on VH1 and they had a very entertaining “mockmercial” for the new iPhone, and by entertaining I mean beautifully sarcastic. The commercial discussed how due to how overpriced the phone was, compounded with the rip off that was the first iPhone, for many…the new iPhone would enable people to get their eviction notices and collection agency phone calls easier than ever.

In a very tongue in cheek voice, the commercial also brought up how Apple pulled the fast one last year of dramatically lowering the price of the original phone a short time later.

I have not caught the iPhone bug and thought this jab at Apple was hilarious. I know Apple’s marketing and the anticipation they produce for a product launch are powerful, but my, are we lemmings. Lining up. And then lining up again.

Evidently thousands of people could not even activate their new gem of a phone due to infrastructure issues. My Apple, you sure do have the bark, but what about the bite July 11th? Maybe these technical matters should have been better considered, considering there were lines of people receiving docked pay to receive a phone that wouldn’t “phone.”

“iPhone with my other phone.”

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