Monday, July 21, 2008

Cruel In(line)tentions

Have you heard of the Dirty?

Just recently, a new type of blog site has launched, and has hit America by e-storm: causing tears, breakups, revenge, insecurities, fights and breakdowns from coast to coast.

“Nik Ritchie, the first ever reality blogger” has created

With nothing less than the cruelest intentions, this site allows people from cities and universities across America to send in pictures and stories about people they don’t like, or that they deem are “dbags” or “tools” or “sluts,” etc.

[Oh and nice try on the emulation- (Perez Hilton (Paris Hilton) /Nik Ritchie (Nicole Ritchie)...
you are about as clever as the second person that tells any joke.]

At, people are allowed to anonymously badmouth individuals online whenever their hearts desire! There is even a strange native tongue resulting from this web site, where acronyms and webspeak mean certain things, or rankings in people.

Personally Nik Ritchie, the ultimate reality blogger, I think it is you that is sad. People will always be mean and insecure, and well done Nik (with no C) for inspiring and cultivating even more of it.

I can’t imagine the money you make from the dirty ads that line your site and your "dirty gear" is enough to convince you each day that you are a good person.

Rant over.

Nik, I will now sit and wait for your first shiny defamation case, so I can see your small, self-important and pretentious empire fold like your integrity did the day you took the site live.

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Anne said...

Lauren --

As the person at my TV station who most often deals with the legal department (and obviously defamation is our biggest issue) I can't even fathom the defamation issues here.

It's one of the dark sides of new media, I think, when people can anonymously post comments about others in cyberspace without having to identify themselves.

It's the ultimate in bullying and will have to be dealt with in new ways we may not even have discovered yet.