Monday, July 21, 2008

Impersonal Shopper

The world of eCommerce is getting smarter.

It is widely known that people shop online, a lot. With the ease of shopping from your living room, office, or bed- you can scan countless online stores, accessing a plethora of products. You can see the products on many sites in multiple views and colors. It seems you can do everything aside from touch the product and you can have it shipped to you in record time!

It is also more secure than ever. "They" say it is safer to give up your credit card info online than it is to give your credit card to a waiter who must do a roundtrip walk through a restaurant to process your payment. There are more opportunities for identity theft in that 10 meters, for example, than there are disclosing information online.

The rise of popularity in online shopping is no surprise.
Last year online consumer spending was on target to reach $200 billion by year end. Overall U.S. online consumer spending for 2006 totalled $170.8 billion.

How could this get any better? Our online worlds are so convenient and we needn’t spend a dime on gas!

Well for the shopper like me often hunting clothing, shoes and handbags, etc…it has with Imagine getting notified of sales of products in YOUR SIZE in the brands you pick, out of 537 options whenever you want to!

You pick your brands, your sizes, and when you want to hear about sales- and does the rest. It appears the new web sites and inventions that are successful in some way make life easier. That is just what does. It keeps you from needing to search countless sites. And it keeps you from the disappointment when you learn the item isn’t in your size.

I shop it to me every Friday. It is so dangerous, but so convenient at the same time!
P.S. This site also serves men and children!

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